Video Workshops

We know how disappointed you must be that both the Spring and Summer Meetings have been cancelled, we are too. As a committee we have been trying to think of ways to make up for the lack of workshops and have come up with the idea of putting video workshops on the SWQ website. As you read this the first one is now available to view, and will appear in the “Members Only” section. Just sign in with your password and there you will find videos for you to watch.

The first workshop is “Full Circle” with me, Susan Enderson, where I will be making two cushion fronts in this very versatile design and then for the second workshop I will go on to make up the two cushions – just in case there are any members who have never made a cushion before.

If successful we hope to build up a library of different workshops by different tutors all from our own membership. If you feel like having a go at making a video please get in touch.

Full Circle

FULL CIRCLE with Susan Enderson

This workshop is based on Reynola Pakusich’s book “Circle Play” and is taught with her agreement.

The workshop enables you to use those beautiful pieces of fabric that you don’t want to cut up into tiny pieces. We will concentrate on making four blocks for a cushion which will be the guide for you to go on to make six blocks for a wallhanging/start of a quilt. You can work completely by hand, completely by machine or some of each. The block includes both piecing and applique. It is an easy technique to sew, grows fast and has great visual impact.

It will be the first workshop offered to members on our website and we hope you enjoy participating. To join in go into the “Members” section, sign in and click on the link which will take you to the video.

REQUIREMENTS; This is an ideal opportunity to use what you have in your stash. The circles must stand out from the background that is the main guidance. Other than that the background can be all lights or if you wish to create a secondary pattern then introduce some darks too.

The background is pieced from half and quarter squared triangles and the circles applied on top.

As you are working from home you do not need a full requirements list but I will say you will need some freezer paper. If you don’t have any please don’t worry there is always an alternative – from life before we knew about freezer paper.

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