Held by Zoom

Present: M Clotworthy (chairperson), C Badger, T Tope, J Milne, J Crossland, J Collings, G Jackson, F Pothecary, A Turner, S Enderson, S Lockie, D Pearcey, M Nathan Miller, R Badger, C Smith, A. Seabrook, A Searle

  1. M Clotworthy welcomed the members and declared the meeting open at 10.10 am.

Apologies were received from S Chapman

  1. The minutes of the previous committee meeting having been duly circulated, and were duly approved
  1. Statement from C Badger. She stated that the Quilt Show has been provisionally arranged for the 29th, 30th, and 31st July 2021. Dates to be added to the next issue of the magazine, and the website as provisional booking. C Badger will take over the stand from T Tope, who will be away over this period. T Tope said that she would still be happy to carry out all the preparations necessary for this event. Advised that these dates clash with the Festival of Quilts, but most agreed that the Quilt Challenge should still go ahead. S Lockie and A Anne stated that they would not be attending the Festival.
  1. Treasurer’s Report – Update from October 2020

F Pothecary advised that there were no changes to the previous financial status. She is still working on getting C Smith authorised for the bank account administration.

M Clotworthy stated that she will not be sending letters out to the membership again, advising of the future Zoom meeting. It was a considerable expense, and yet still resulted in low attendance to the meeting. Notification of all events/workshops/meetings will be posted on the Website.

  1. Membership

The membership renewal form will be included in the next issue of the magazine, and

M Clotworthy requested that they should be returned to Mo Nathan-Miller by the end of March. A lengthy discussion took place regarding payment methods, and therefore it was agreed that details should be added to the form. Mo Nathan-Miller to draft out the form and pass to M Clotworthy in the next few days. It was stressed that the form must be User Friendly to avoid losing members.

  1. Future Meetings

M Clotworthy stated that the next AGM on the 17th April 2021, will again be via Zoom, as well as the next Committee meeting on the 13th March 2021. Both meetings will start at 10:00.

As it remains unclear when the current lockdown situation will end, it was agreed that we should look into subscribing to Zoom, thus removing the 40 minute time limit. A Baines to look into the costs and discuss with M Clotworthy.

  1. AOB

M Clotworthy advised that C Peckham has come forward to stand as Vice Chair next year.

S Chapman will take over the role of organising Speakers from J Crossland.

C Badger asked if the Summer Day should be cancelled. It was agreed for J Crossland to cancel this event.

  1. S Enderson suggested that it would be a good idea to post workshop videos on the website, as there is little going on to attract members. Method for getting these videos onto the website to be discussed with C Baines

9. Next Meeting

The next meeting was arranged for Saturday 13th March 2021, via Zoom. A Baines to send out joining information

The meeting closed at 10:40