See below for information on our annual retreat at Beer.

SWQ Ashbury Sewing Bee 2019

Members of SWQ are invited to attend this Patchwork and Quilting Retreat to work on your own projects at the Ashbury Sport, Craft and Spa Hotel near Okehampton, Devon, EX20 4NL in January 2019.

Four nights Mon. to Fri. full board, price in the region of £250 if in twin room sharing. All rooms en-suite with tea/coffee and TV. Disabled rooms and special diets available. Single, twin and family suites available, it’s cheaper to share.

Sewing station for each person, room for your machine and cutting board, large tables for laying and layering up. Three ironing boards and irons. Comfortable coffee area.

More details with dates and prices in Summer magazine. 26 places available. Closing date 30.11.18

Check out the hotel web site –
Apply in writing with SAE to Mrs. D. Perry, Group Facilitator, 17 Brocks Mount, Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somerset TQ14 6PJ. Tel : 01935 822703.

Beer Retreats Venue

Telephone: 01297 20068

South West Quilters hold their Retreat during the last week in January each year at the Dolphin Hotel in Beer in South Devon. It is a Grade II listed building and is a family run Hotel. The Workshop is held in the Function Room, which we hire for our use alone for the five days. The Retreat runs from Sunday afternoon through till the following Friday afternoon, and the cost includes Bed & Breakfast at the Hotel and the tuition during the five days.

For the evenings we also have use of a very pretty cottage situated opposite the hotel carpark where we gather after the workshop has finished for the day, around an open fire, and indulge in afternoon tea and homemade cake, and discuss where we will eat for that evening – sometimes a pub, sometimes a takeaway, sometimes a bistro. We then return to the cottage for a glass of wine and natter etc. before retiring.

Beer is a very pretty fishing village, and as part of the Jurassic coast, there are many walks along the cliffs in both directions, and deep sea fishing provides fresh fish regularly available for purchase (for when you leave) from the beach shop.

For more information go to

2018 Retreat at Beer

Sunday 21st January to Friday 26th January 2018

Tutor: Anne Hellyer

Our tutor had diverted to Beer on the way home from her ‘world tour’ of Cornwall especially to take photos and sketches of Beer and had made a new piece of work so we could do a view of Beer (finalist in Village of the Year) if we wished, which was a lovely surprise.

The introduction talk made it seem difficult but we were assured we could do it. With a selection of her painted fabrics to choose from and all other requirements supplied we made fast progress. Printing windows with potato cuts and speaking sternly to our machines to get them to act up. After the first day we Beer group had a row of houses built.

Thanks to Jean for home made soup and cakes and the hostesses for keeping us topped up with wine and entertained with quizzes and games, which kept us laughing in the evenings.

Look out for the full diary of the 2018 Retreat to follow.
Jeanette Cox

2017 Beer Retreat Diary

Retreat members arrived at the Dolphin Hotel from lunchtime on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone seemed excited about what was to come. It was nice to meet old and new friends as we filled the function room with our sewing paraphernalia.
Jan Hassard, our tutor, arrived as well and her husband helped her put her quilts on display and joined us for a cream tea at Lavender Cottage.
After settling into our rooms we had a lovely meal in the hotel.
Then Jan gave us an insight into her work and told us what we would be doing during the retreat. She had brought quite a few of her other quilts to show us, exquisite as usual.
We all went to bed anticipating a creative week.
Felicity Nye


So we know what we are meant to be doing after Jan’s talk of the night before.
Half and quarter square triangles, bias edges, I’ve never been a fan of them, but I had used my Christmas money to buy the fabric, maybe more than was strictly necessary but I was aiming big, single bed size. We had to arrange our colours for spirals into a pleasing combination of 2 lots of 3 colours ranged from light to dark. We then created the dreaded half square triangles of these fabrics. Then came the quarter square triangles and a scant quarter of an inch seam. It was going well so far. I was getting into my stride piecing away happily.
For the other members of the group the colour combinations were more difficult to work out, I had being pushed for time with work had gone to a local shop and brought 6 lots of 6 fabrics chosen from the same range and ranging from light to dark from the shade card. Most people were using batiks for their half square triangles and much time was taken with Jan’s help in coming up with a pleasing arrangement of fabrics to emphasise the spiral design.
Dinner was at the Anchor, bit cold and blowy down by the sea front that night, the food was good and reasonably priced. Back to the cottage for the first quiz of the week, it soon became obvious who indulged in fast food!
Terry Somerfield


Tuesday was another bright and sunny, if rather chilly, day and one or two energetic souls started the day with a pre-breakfast walk.
After a delicious breakfast we met in the Function Room at 9.30 am for our second day with Jan. Happily for many, we had now sorted the room’s temperature control so we could concentrate better on the job in hand. Jan circulated, giving advice, sorting our problems, suggesting better alignments of fabrics, whilst we busily stitched, cut and pressed away.
For lunch, we all met at ‘The Cottage’ where we were generously treated to bread rolls and delicious soup, home-made for us by Jean. Those with room downed more cake, too!
Back in the Function Room, Sandra offered to show us how to make the butterfly brooches some had won the night before. We cut a 3.5” x 4.5” rectangle from two fabrics, sewed around them and turned them through the hole left for the purpose, in preparation for finishing in the evening.
Dinner was at The Anchor, in their ‘Library,’ though closer examination proved the books to be wallpaper! Amongst much alcohol-fuelled hilarity we ate a very good meal before returning to ‘The Cottage’ for our evening entertainment – making clever needle cases prepared and taught to us by Jean. More wine for most plus dim lighting led to great fun and seriously uneven stitching. We were nevertheless very pleased with our efforts but totally incapable by the end of making butterflies, which treat was saved for Wednesday evening.
‘And so to bed,’ grateful for the company and generosity of good friends.
Barbara Foulkes


A mixed day, a flurry of last minute work on our projects before we said goodbye to our lovely teacher. We have had so much fun as well as head scratching trying to unravel the mysteries of spiral patchwork with Jan’s ever present help, encouragement, and tips and hope we didn’t demand too much as one hour before she left us she was sitting on the floor pointing out a giraffe facing the wrong way – could only happen in patchwork! The afternoon was spent playing catch-up or off for some retail therapy and in the evening Sandra showed us how to make Japanese paper origami butterflies in fabric, very pretty.
Leonora East


Well it’s Thursday, the last day to work on our projects. Everyone is keen to get on and get as much done as possible with advice from fellow quilters when needed. The highlight of the afternoon was Jean’s delicious cake followed by photographing our masterpieces – easier said than done when they are pinned to metre square polystyrene boards which seem to have a life of their own!

The final evening meal at the hotel was up to their usual standard and those who had the huss had to admit defeat and ask for a doggy bag to take home for the cat. It arrived wrapped in foiled formed into the shape of a chicken.

Quizzes and Pass the Parcel at the cottage rounded off the evening and everyone returned to the hotel commenting how quickly the week had gone.
Mary Gillett


Woke up ready for an exciting day; bit sad though, as the Retreat comes to an end around lunchtime. Went to the Dolphin Hotel to finish off our first project, and pack up all that we no longer needed.

At 10.00am Joan Collins uncovered our surprise instructions and samples for Friday’s workshop. This was given to us in memory of Jo Harris, a long standing retreat member, who sadly died last year. We all received a small cutting board, two pieces of hardboard and a piece of grey ironing fabric, given to us by Jo. We were about to make a lovely cutting and ironing board in a folding bag with handles.

We had all been asked to bring a padded oblong of our favourite material, one piece 30″ long by 2″ wide, oblong wadding and A4 stiff card. It was quite a challenge for me! We used lots of glue, and finally sewed our handles on our bag. How amazing. What a great result! I hope you will like them and will be impressed when you see them at the AGM.

I was really amazed how good everyone’s bag turned out. We all finished it and were ready to leave at 12.00. It was such a brilliant week and Friday was the icing on the cake.

Thank you Retreat Team for making the event so enjoyable and well organized. I hope I will get the opportunity to join you all another year.
Christine Badger

2016 Retreat in Beer, South Devon

Date: Sunday 17th January to Friday 22nd January 2016


The day of leaving for the retreat arrives at last, requirements list checked, rechecked and car packed. The journey involved weather of all sorts, typical British day. Arrived safely, unlike some who had an encounter with sheep. Checked into the hotel and unpacked. Set up my workspace, and then time to relax before dinner at the hotel and then an introduction to what we going to achieve this week.

Kathryn showed examples of her work which were inspiring, even Professor Brian Cox and Isaac Newton got a mention! Her work was stunning, but Kathryn made you feel it was achievable. We were all going to attempt a landscape from our chosen picture, thankfully no expectation of an exact copy.


After a lovely breakfast we arrived in the function room from 9.30 am. Some were a little apprehensive about the project as it is a new technique for us.

Katherine assessed our pictures individually and then we were away cutting 3/4 inch strips then applying them to our spray glued wadding from sky downwards. Pictures started to appear with varying results. Lunch at the cottage then we started sewing the strips down in the afternoon. Drinks at the cottage before a really good meal at the Anchor Inn then back to the cottage for drinks games and quizzes. Prizes for the winners (no comment!)


After our usual generous breakfast we gathered to continue stitching strips of fabric onto wadding to form the background to our landscapes. People with smaller pictures were ready for the next stage so Kathryn showed us all some of her favourite techniques to embellish our work. Using a rotary cutter we learnt how to make confetti (for flowers, leaves etc.) by slashing scraps of material to varying sizes. This was then scattered onto our backgrounds, overlaid with organza, tulle or bridal veil and stitched into place. Tree trunks, people etc. were made using free form applique. Previously bonded scraps were rotary cut, applied and stitched into place. Fibres were then added and couched to finish off. Our landscapes really did come to life at this stage!

We enjoyed an excellent evening meal at The Seafood Platter followed by a session at the cottage making chickens. We hand stitched, prodded, stuffed and embellished our little brood amid much laughter. Each one was named and exhibited ready for judging.
Rosemary Darby


Kathryn’s last morning with us and we packed lot in. Kathryn gave us some hints and tips on enhancing our work. We pinned them all up to compare and have photographs taken. Then Kathryn showed us how to square up our finished quilt and mount on canvas or add a backing. I think Kathryn was quite sorry to have to leave at lunchtime. During the afternoon some of us drove to Zoe’s shop at Thimblestitch in Honiton to buy more thread, fabric and equipment before carrying on sewing until 6 pm. Our evening was spent completing a flower decoration to enhance Friday’s project.


We struggled on without tuition to try and complete our quilts and were surprise how much we remembered as they all came together. We had a couple of escapees who yomped over the cliffs for exercise and the local shops attracted a couple more but after another delicious meal at the Dolphin an evening of games and fun was enjoyed by all, even if there was some cheating to get a prize.


Friday morning came around far too quickly.

We packed our bags and after our last breakfast together we went into the sewing room for Jean and Jenny to show us all how to make "a tooly". Some of us had never heard of this and it turned out to be a clever little fold out case, which stores your rulers, rotary cutters pens pencils all together and stands on the table so everything is close at hand. But also closes so you can take it to class. During one of the evenings at the cottage during the retreat, Jean had taught us how to make fabric flowers. These flowers had pride of place on the front of tooly.
At lunchtime, it was time to pack up the machines and say goodbye. We all had a wonderful time with lots of laughter and learnt so much as well.
Claire and Share

2015 Retreat in Beer, South Devon

Date: Sunday 25th January to Friday 31st January 2015


Sunday dawned bright with sun and anticipation. We arrived gradually as the afternoon passed. Greetings with old friends and new faces to make friends with. After a lovely (huge) meal at the hotel, Anja “wowed” us with quilts and designs. Then we had to decide what we were going to do. Some went to bed happy, some scratching their heads!
Sarah R.


After our briefing yesterday we were off. Anja gave us very helpful and instructive demonstrations and we were soon drawing, then cutting and after more instructions piecing together. Comments around the room proved we were either succeeding or we needed help. Anja systematically worked the room and patiently helped those who needed it or praised and encouraged those who were coping. Lunch was spent relaxing in comfortable Lavender Cottage. The afternoon flew by as we built up our designs. Learning by our mistakes, mercifully few, and soon expertly corrected by Anja. 4 o’clock came and went as we were all so engrossed but eventually we all dragged ourselves away to prepare for the evening. We gathered at The Anchor for dinner which was enjoyed by all. The remainder of the evening was filled with quizzes at Lavender Cottage, truly taxing to the brain especially fuelled by wine a very mellow evening before we all left for our beds.
Avril Cook


After breakfast we started our sewing work again continuing from Monday. Anja gave us a talk on adding applique to our foundation piecing, mentioning tracing and lining up our work, her preferred sewing machine needle and thread and demonstrated the stitch to use and the best way to machine sharp points. After this the members making book covers practised their applique while those of us doing larger cushions or quilts continued with our foundation piecing. At lunch time we all went up to the cottage for Jean’s delicious vegetable soup and cakes donated by other members.

On Monday Jean had given each of us some small pieces of material with instructions to sew it for Tuesday evening. After our meal at the hotel we went up to the cottage and each made a pincushion (while enjoying a glass of wine). Sandra rounded off the evening reading a selection of funny stories to much laughter.


On the first day I texted my family “this is going to be fun”. It certainly has been, so much laughter mixed with a constant flow of help and information from our lovely tutor Anja – the lesson today was on Sexy Curves! Anja, with her endless patience sorted out a multitude of my ‘newbie’ problems, and a panel may at last get finished. Our evenings in the cottage have been a hoot. Can’t wait for next year.
Mary and Lee

Wednesday was our half day off – what do quilters do on a day off – go to a quilt shop of course!


Thursday was a day of companionable sewing, of sharing and lending, gentle chatter and impromptu show and tell. Conversation was interrupted by bursts of laughter every now and then. Jean announced “I’m too sexy for my swirls”. Anja would have been proud of her.

The afternoon was quieter, sewing machines hummed as we worked with determination to finish our projects. By 4.30 we all had something to show for our efforts and our work was displayed on a long table for everyone to see.

After dinner we made our way to the lounge bar for a pub quiz. Amazing how competitive quilters can be. Lots of fun and laughter, and we retired happily to our rooms at the end of the evening.
Jan Purrett.


It’s Friday already, we can’t believe how quickly the week has gone. After breakfast and vacating our rooms everyone gathered for the last time in the function room for a workshop by Sandra Scott. Great fun was had making small gift boxes. We never knew that so much laughter could be caused by a three ply serviette, pva glue, an elastic band, a plastic drinks bottle with a waist and a hair dryer. Just when you thought the fun was over, a mix up between coffee and glue added to the fun.

After that, sadly it was time to clear up and say goodbye to all our new friends, we would thoroughly recommend applying next year as this has been a wonderful experience. We learnt so much this week both from Anya Townrow and from the other quilters. Everyone sends a big thank you to the organisers.
Happy quilting Claire and Share

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