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Here you will find tips for navigating your way around the website. Currently this page is under development, so may not provide much help. Please keep re-visiting the page, where more helpful tips will be added. Wherever you see type in blue, and the cursor turns to a hand🖐, then these are links to some

Home Page

The Home page provides an introduction to the group, and our Chairperson

To the right of the Home page are a series of headings with drop-down menu’s. You can click on the main heading for more general information, or select one of the headings in the drop-down menu


This section is available to anyone visiting the site, and therefore all headings within the drop-down menu can be accessed by everyone. Clicking on the ‘Public’ main heading will provide you with details for how to join SWQ, and how to register for access to the Website.

Members only

Only members of SWQ, who have registered to access this section can view the pages within the drop-down menu.

Here is where you can login to the members section


Each main area of the South West are represented here, and will show any forthcoming Workshops for that area. Here is where you will find a link to the Workshop booking form.


This section will provide information with regard to forthcoming events.


This section will contain general information useful to SWQ.


If you want to make contact with one of the Committee, or send a message, then clicking on this heading will take you to a page where you can select a contact role, and space to add your details and message.

Don’t have a Website Login Yet?

Are you a member of the SWQ, but do not have a login to this website yet?

Click here to register for SWQ website access.

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