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Please note that the prices of the workshops will vary according to circumstances, which include the cost of the tutor, their travel expenses and hire of the hall.

If there is only one price for a workshop this is for members, non-members are £3 extra unless otherwise stated.

Please date the cheques the day of the workshop and ensure that there are sufficient funds available to cover it. If booking more than one workshop please send separate cheques. For administrative reasons cheques are not banked until after the workshop.

Please supply a DL size stamped addressed envelope for the return of the workshop supply list (ie envelope 4” x 8 ½” with a 1st class stamp) UNLESS you request the list by email.

If requesting the workshop list by email please ensure your e-mail address is CLEARLY written on the appropriate section of the booking form.
We will only send lists to the address shown on the individual forms, so please make sure that it is written correctly and any ‘dots’ are in the right place. We cannot go searching around if your address is not correct. Please fill in each form individually and not put ‘as above’ as these forms become separated.

In order that the person sending the list knows that you have received it and been able to open the list PLEASE can you reply to the sender as well.

Refunds: If the tutor cancels a workshop then a full refund will be given, probably in the form of the original cheque. If a student cancels and no replacement can be found then they will be charged the workshop fee except in extraordinary circumstances.

The Sunset Trust which was set up by Audrey Dean, will help members with the cost of workshops we hold. Please contact the Sunset Trust Rep for more information.

Please note the different addresses to send booking forms.


To book a workshop please print the booking (Word or PDF) form and post it to me or the Chairman of South West Quilters along with a SAE and it will be directed to the relevant course organiser.

Printing requirement lists

I understand that some members are having trouble printing and/or downloading requirements lists for workshops. Often, if you have an IPad or tablet, printing is not always possible.
May I suggest that when booking a workshop and you know you might have difficulties that you send a SAE to your reps. At least you can then be sure of receiving the requirements lists. This can be frustrating and all I can say is that sometimes technology does not make life easier.
Jenni Milne

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