We are an organization covering the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset, bringing together like minded people with a love of sewing. Our membership at present exceeds 500 and the majority of our members belong to a patchwork and quilting group local to where they live. We come together en-mass three times a year, spring, summer and Christmas. These meetings are always very enjoyable with home grown and international speakers, show and tell, trade stands and plenty of meet and greet with friends old and new.

We publish our own magazine four times a year which keeps us all in touch with each other and lets us know what is happening in the region. There are many exhibitions put on by local groups and workshops held, at very competitive rates, in all the counties.

A little of what we have to offer is on show here, we hope you enjoy it. Should you wish to speak to someone or join us then please do not hesitate, you can get in touch through the contacts page.

The world of patchwork and quilting is a very generous one where people share time, friendship, advice, fabric and cake. Come and join us.

Our Chairman

Jenni Milne
click here and select ‘chairman’ to contact Jenni.

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