Group Contact List

It is the time of year to renew your membership. In this magazine is the renewal form (see also this website item). This year it is worded differently to take in changes to the Data Protection Act which is covered in the article by our Membership Secretary Jane Richardson. On the form you will notice that two signatures are asked for: one to enable us to pass on your name and address to the printers for them to send your magazine. The other is asking if you are a contact for the group you belong to and if you give us permission to pass on your phone number or email address to possible new members.

SWQ has a promotional stand at four shows a year now, three at Westpoint and one at Shepton Mallet. We get many requests for quilt groups local to the enquirer so it would help us enormously to be able to compile a list by area/county enabling us to give this information on the spot.

We value your privacy and abide by the rules so please help us by giving your permission.

Susan Enderson

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