Dog beds


One of our ladies had a lot of furnishing fabrics she had not used and was looking for a new home for. We put our thinking caps on. While talking another asked had we read in our local free magazine, Oke Links, about the local dog rescue centre and how they were getting ever busier and always looking for new homes for the dogs. Jill put forward the idea that we make dog beds from Kay’s fabric. The idea was out there. We then discovered Christine and Carol had old duvets they didn’t want any more and Rose had zips she wasn’t ever going to use. We set a date to all meet up for the day and lo and behold the duvets were seamed and cut up, fabric cut and zips inserted. By the end of the day 15 dog beds of various sizes were produced. The Dartmoor Dog Rescue were delighted with them. The pictures show the finished beds and delivery to the rescue centre with one of the doggie recipients.

This all happened before the first lockdown. Now we group video call every Friday afternoon to catch up and show each other what we are making.

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