Workshop Vouchers

We launched our new Workshop Vouchers at the AGM in April. Perhaps a friend, or a member in your group has a special birthday, or someone just needs cheering up, please consider giving one of our new vouchers. They will be for £10 and/or £20, to be used solely towards the cost of one of SWQ’s workshops.

They will be available to purchase at our main meetings, the AGM, Summer and Christmas meetings. If you are requiring one between times please contact Jenni Milne, who will post one to you. Make sure you enclose your name and address, cheque, for either £10 or £20 made payable to South West Quilters, and please enclose a stamp so it can be posted back to you asap.

When wishing to use your voucher send it with your booking form to your workshop rep.
Wouldn’t we all like to be spoilt occasionally!
Jenni Milne

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