Quilts for Grenfell

December 13th 2018 saw the culmination of SWQ’s involvement with Cornwall Hugs Grenfell. On December 14th there was a commemorative service in London to acknowledge eighteen months since the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The remaining quilts made by SWQ and friends were taken to London and laid out in a large sports centre, creating a huge mosaic of colour and design. Many families and first responders, who had not been able to travel to Cornwall, were invited to the centre to choose their quilts. All of the 162 donated quilts have now been chosen and delivered.

It was always my intention that all your wonderful, generous gifts of fabulous quilts, fabric, thread and the most valuable of all TIME, would be handed from me to the recipients, no putting in boxes and stored and no being handed over to a third party for sale.

I have to confess its lovely now that my flat has recovered, no more quilts hidden under tables, stashed behind chairs and obliterating all light in my bedroom. Believe me 162 quilts take up a lot of space.

I wish I could truly convey to you the magic you have given to these families. Time and time again, wonderful comments expressing their amazement that people could be so generous to complete strangers. Truly deep felt joy and thanks they send to you all for participating and helping them make their ‘new environments’ so homely.

Should you still wish to donate please contact Cornwall Hugs Grenfell directly.

From me to you all – you’re amazing !
Jennie Milne

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