Strawberry Fayre end of an era

Strawberry Fayre Chagford Devon TQ138EN tel 01647250

Jenny & Alec are retiring after 45 years and closing down Strawberry Fayre

“We started Strawberry Fayre in Oct 1972 as a craft shop in Stockbridge, Hampshire. Patchwork Quilts soon became a big part of the shop. Quilt exhibitions, classes and workshops with visiting lecturers from USA, Beth & Jeffrey Gutcheon & Michael James.
Jenny and Alex wee the first to import American fabric in 1980.”

Alec & Jenny were founder members of The Quilters’ Guild and Jenny was on the committee for 10 years, the last four years as President.

“We closed the shop in 1982 and moved to Chagford in Devon with the fabric mail-order side of the business. This grew and grew. Our three sons all grew up with the business and have run the website and computer side, helping us with our 8,000 customers from all over the World. Some of you have been with us from the beginning and we are so grateful to all of you who have bought yards and yards of fabric.

We loved hearing about your projects, seeing your photos, working out your quantities and meeting you at the Quilt shows. Thank you all for being such fantastic customers.”

Jenny and Alec.

Strawberry fayre

They were just two little lovebirds with flowers in their hair
Who conceived a little baby and called it Strawberry Fayre
And as they cut and folded, tying parcels up with string
Could anyone imagine what the passing years would bring?

Whilst Gary Glitter faded and they buried British Steel
We heard that our two Strawberries were “Leaders in their field”
Marks & Spencers may have floundered when the going got too tough
But our intrepid heroes were made of sterner stuff
A cut above the others, they went out and stole the show
They stuck it and they stamped it and they watched their baby grow

Thatcher … Major … Barings … all went down the chute in tears
But Strawberry Fayre’s been charming us for nearly thirty years
Dearest Jen and Alec please accept this little rhyme
We reel in admiration to see you “Legends in your time”

Poem written in 2002 by Alec’s sister, Pip Bugg

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