Killerton Apple Quilts

The story of Killerton’s orchards schools quilts – article included in a National Trust internal newsletter reproduced with their permission.

“Staff and volunteers worked with nearly 200 pupils in six local schools to create quilts inspired by the story of Killerton’s orchards. Weekly workshops in schools were funded by South West Quilters in memory of Jo Harrison, a learning volunteer who spearheaded this project for three years. All of the pupils involved have visited Killerton orchards, where they worked with the learning team led by volunteer Kate Evans and rangers Tommy Muncie and Griselda Shipp to harvest our apple crop, press apples, and learn about Killerton’s traditional cider-making industry. The quilts they have created reflect the journey of pollution in the spring through to fruiting in the Autumn.”
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Mo Nathan Miller and I went to Killington House Apple Festival to look at the children’s work that the Sunset Trust had helped sponsor in memory of Jo Harrison. Wow it was really inspirational the children and the ladies who helped them worked so hard.
The whole display was staged in the Apple Orchard at Killington House. As I’m sure you can imagine the small quilts hung in such a beautiful place in marquees in the apple orchard was stunning. I hope some of you managed to get to see them. I’m sure the children could be our new South West Quilter members in the future.

I so enjoyed the interpretations the children had of the apples and trees , my favourite was the large grubs eating the apples, but all of them were stunning.

I’m going to see if next year’s children can hang their quilts at our quilt exhibition at Westpoint . The National Trust staff do this in several schools each year, also they arrange volunteers to assist them as well. I will try and get the names of the schools so perhaps we can help as volunteer as Jo Harrison did. Wouldn’t that be something to look forward too.

Christine Badger

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