Some of you may remember that I have, in the past, been Coordinator for the Website. With this experience in mind, I am writing this article to advise our new members (and remind our existing members) of the benefits of using the website, and in particular the MEMBERS ONLY part, which can be found on the Home Page (where our Chairman’s picture is published) and is second from bottom on the menu list shown on the left hand side.

To access MEMBERS ONLY you need to click on it then insert your email address and password that were processed for you when you joined and became a Member of South West Quilters. This will open into Member Home page, and you now have access to the menu listed on the left hand side. If you change your email address or password at any time in the future, as long as you continue to use the original email and password that worked for you originally, there should be no problem. If you do have a problem contact the Website Co-ordinator – details on the backpage of the Magazine.

AGM MINUTES: As you know AGM minutes of the previous year are provided in the Magazine prior to the AGM ready for approval. If for any reason you may wish to check back on something but did not keep your copy, you will find these under the heading of Minutes. They are updated ‘a year behind’. i.e. last AGM Minutes won’t be approved until this April, and will subsequently be put on the website once they are approved.
: If for some reason you have mislaid your own copies, you can always check up here. Both the South West Quilters and Sunset Trust Constitutions are available to view.

BEDS4QUILTERS: This is a list of members willing to offer members in need of a B & B in whatever circumstances may apply.

CAR SHARING: Here is a list for members willing to offer a lift to a workshop or meeting to another member who may be in need.

GROUP CONTACTS: If you are new to the area, and would like to know of other groups in your area, or you are moving around the counties, going on holiday and would like to visit another group, this is a list enabling you to contact groups in other areas.

LIFE MEMBERS: This is a list of members who have been awarded Life Membership for their particular contribution to South West Quilters above and beyond the usual line of duty.

YOUR DETAILS: Finally this is where you can change your login details. As mentioned above, when you join SWQ you are asked for your email address and are given a password. If you want to alter your password this is where you would do it. If in the future you change your email address, you would need to let the Membership Secretary know, as you would if you change your home address. Each member’s personal email address is the key to accessing MEMBERS ONLY along with your password. The website is updated at three monthly intervals, so far as membership is concerned, so depending on what part of the quarter someone joins, it can take up to three months for the website to recognise a new email address. Once you can access the MEMBERS ONLY if you continue to use the same email address (and password) you were originally processed with, all will be well.

Just because you change your email address and advise the Membership Secretary so she can keep her records up to date, it does not mean it automatically gets altered for you to access the website. As I said, the email acts as a ‘key’, and if you continue to use the old email to access MEMBERS ONLY, all will be well. If you want to change it, you must do this yourself by changing the details under the heading YOUR DETAILS.

As you no doubt realise, the rest of the website is open to anyone worldwide, as you can see from the map on the Home Page, which is very interesting to take a look at.
There are some great items to view such as our latest exhibition at Westpoint Exeter, and all the current Diary Dates. I do hope you continue to enjoy the website and let the Co-ordinator know if you have any queries. Her details can be found at the back of the magazine.

Val Thomas

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