Sewing machine tips from the Bernina Doctor

  • To transport machine, put the presser foot down on a piece of fabric, put the needle down
    and lower the feed dogs.
  • Put the machine in the seat well of your car so that it cannot fall over or be flung around if you have to stop suddenly.
  • To check the tension use 2 different colour threads and use a 0.3 mm satin stitch.
  • Lower feed dogs when putting on a complicated foot such as a buttonhole foot.
  • Use right size needle and thread combination.
  • Do not push or pull the fabric – let the feed dogs move it.
  • Use a vertical spool holder for non standard threads and for straight wound bobbins.
  • Twisted wound threads can be used on a horizontal spool holder.
  • Don’t pull thread backwards through the disks when changing thread.
  • Do not leave machine on unattended


  • Clean under stitch plate/feed dogs.
  • Clean and oil hook.
  • Clean tension discs with a pipe cleaner.
  • Use a cotton bud for cleaning the hook race.
  • Do not use compressed air.
  • change needle frequently and use all stitches from time to time particularly the tacking stitch (if you have one).

Diane Coope

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