Sidmouth Patchwork and Quilting Club Open Day 2009

Sidmouth Patchwork and Quilting Club Open Day 2009

Planning for this years OPEN DAY started as soon as we had finished last years!

We needed a large hall with all the right facilities, and it was decided that Colyford Hall had all that was needed, even down to a large car park. And we filled the car park, all neatly parked with the help of the Chairman of the Colyford Committee.

The hall soon filled with up with a 160 happy stitchers, all keen to enjoy a day of Patchwork and Quilting. And no one was disappointed. Our guest speaker, Marlene Chaffey entertained us for an hour, with her easy style of showing her work to its best advantage. The pictorial quilts, her compass and tulip quilts, with all their colour were a delight to see, and to hear how her quilting life had progressed. The hour went by far too fast.

Next the other necessary thing that all quilters need – food. Lunch was served, then giving everyone plenty of time to view Marlene’s quilts, and gain some of her knowledge. Our trader was Pauline’s Patchwork from Weymouth, who did a very brisk trade. Pauline’s comment to me was..”They just kept coming back”!! And we have to thank Alan for loading and unloading the van.

Adrienne Seddon, who runs a small Children’s Hospice Support group in Exmouth was present, with cards that give a percentage from each card to the Hospice, and after lunch, Adrienne talked to us about the Hospice and showed some slides. It was good to see where all our money goes. The government only give the Hospice 5% of what is needed to run the Hospice, and so the Hospice rely heavily on fund raising for them.

This was followed by a show and tell, and this was followed by Grace Essex, one of our club members giving a demonstration on a “Quick and Clever Bag”, and sold us the patterns. And a reminder to all who bought patterns.. Grace wants to see your bags next cake after dinner!!!

During the day we had run a raffle for Children’s Hospice, and the winners were drawn. The first prize was a lap top station donated by Pauline’s Patchwork.

Then before we said …goodbye.. it was time for any announcements ..and to thank everyone for coming, and to Marlene for her talk and to all who made the day such a success. See you all next year!.

It was a lovely day, which flew by. But the serious side to all of it was to help raise funds for the Children’s Hospice, and we thank everyone who supported us, and have helped us raise £1,170. This will be handed over to the Hospice on March 29th, with the request that the money is used for craft materials or play items for the children.

Sue Davies.

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