My Featherweight Sewing Machine

My Featherweight Sewing Machine

At the age of 15 years my mother gave me an almost new “Singer Featherweight” sewing machine. Without giving away my age, let me just say that the machine is now old. But what a treasure.

Fourteen years ago, on doctors orders, I was grounded for 3 months. What could a busy person do for three months? Out came The Sewing Machine. It was dusted off, new needle put in etc. but somehow I could not find a use for it. Then through our front door came the new brochure for the Adult Education. (Remember this was when the government were keen for us all to improve ourselves!) and what did I spot? A Monday class on Patchwork and Quilting for beginners, lead by Kathleen Hughes. Ah! Here was a use for my machine. I joined up. Then came the shock … we were being taught hand patchwork and so the machine sat idle, as I produced my first quilt. A fifteen block sampler quilt was not for me, mine had to be forty-nine blocks! So I am as always playing ‘catch up’, and was often tempted to quicken things up with a bit of machine sewing.

Then along came “Seminole,” and my little machine came into its own. It stitched a dream as the machine was put through its paces. Then the motor began to smell a bit suspicious! Yes, it was burnt out! There were a few anxious days before a new motor was obtained and me and my machine were once again reunited.

Then two yeas ago both my youngest daughter and niece got married. Both wanted double bed sized quilts. And quickly! And both wanted the same! Both quilts had to be blue, rather like a colourwash design and both had to be made up on 2 inch squares. Out came the rotary cutter and I was surrounded by piles of strips of blue fabric. My Featherweight was switched on and away we went. Strips were sewn, cut and resewn until I had two quilts made; and how many squares had my lovely machine sewn? Three and a half thousand in each quilt!!

My machine is now standing idle, awaiting its next project. Now-a-days we have these lovely machines that do wonderful stitches but by Friend The Singer Featherweight is still my favourite for straight stitching.

(By the way my machine has just celebrated its 47th birthday!)
Sue Davies

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