What a summer!

I think the weather for the Summer-day meeting is the worst we have ever had. Most people west of Ottery St Mary managed to make the meeting whereas those travelling from Sidmouth, Honiton or further east were unable to get there. This did cause problems as a trader and various committee members were unable to get there despite trying for most of the day. A very big thank you to Jenny Charles for venturing into town and getting emergency tea and coffee supplies and Val Thomas and Vineta Cable for getting more milk for the lunch break. Luckily Penny Armitage, our morning speaker and Dawn Cameron-Dick the afternoon speaker were both able to get there; much to my relief and the delight of those that did arrive.

Penny showed us the wonderful colours of her quilts and how location changes our choice of materials. Dawn showed how versatile her Invisible Machine Appliqué method is and the wonderful range of materials available at our disposal, and choice.

The summer-day meeting also showed what talented youngsters we have being supported by members of SWQ. People were invited to show the work they are helping to support youngsters to make, amongst the work on display was a colourful bed quilt being made by Susan Enderson’s grand-daughter as well cushions, bags and rather than a cuddly toy, a monster that Tracy had encouraged a couple of years ago and displayed at Jo Colwell’s. We did have postcard kits for anyone who entered and hope to see these at the Christmas meeting, where we will again, I am sure, be delighted and enchanted by what the youngster are making. Please do encourage them and let us see what they are making with your encouragement.

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