2009 Retreat

Retreat for 2009 in Beer, South Devon

26th – 30th January 2009

I have just returned home from a fantastic week in Beer with some lovely like-minded ladies, who were all making Tiffany style Lampshades and bases covered in painted lace – how wonderful is that?!

Jennifer Trollope, the ‘revelation burning’ lady, shared her technique, showing us how she transformed a plain white shade into a Tiffany style, using gorgeous coloured cotton fabric, sheer organza, and felt.

On the Monday, after cutting out paper patterns for our own individual shades, we all stitched like crazy, and on the Tuesday most of us started to burn away the design, to reveal the colours underneath. Wednesday morning we started decorating our lamp bases, using paper, lace motifs and pva glue, followed by white emulsion paint (when the glue was dry of course!) Wednesday afternoon was time off for good behaviour (thank goodness for that – we all needed it) and Thursday we added paint to our bases and started sewing our beautiful ‘revelation’ pieces of work to the shade – what a transformation! Friday morning Jennifer arranged all the gorgeous Tiffany style Lamps on a table, all lit up. Every single one was unique, and very individual. What a sight they made, absolutely wonderful.

Next year, (2010) I have booked Barbara Weeks for the Retreat, who does wonderful landscapes using sheer fabrics. If you are interested in booking a space, watch out for information and prices (or give me a ring to get on the list before then!)

Val Thomas
Retreat Co-ordinator (01837 83793)

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